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Paul Kilpatrick Sea Otter  2 Skipper

Paul Kilpatrick Sea Otter 2 Skipper

Paul Kilpatrick has been a charter boat skipper at Whitby from 1980 to the present day. Born and bred in Whitby, with 32 years experience of taking fishing trips from the port, Paul takes his job seriously.

Boat Fishing at Whitby is Paul’s passion and he says “There is some top fishing to be had from Whitby – probably better than anywhere else in the UK”. So if its a great days boat fishing from the countries premier port  then Paul on Sea Otter 2 is your best chance.

” I have been fishing at Whitby for over 40 years” says Paul, “I started off catching small coalfish in Whitby harbour and I’ve been hooked ever since, and I’m now lucky enough to be in charge of one of the countries top charter fishing operations – Sea Otter 2″.

Shore Fishing

Paul Kilpatrick also has a big passion for cod fishing from the shore and competes every year in the Whitby Sea Anglers Fishing Club.

In 1988 Paul Won the North of England Shore fishing competition and has also caught cod well in excess of 20 pounds from the shore.

The picture to the left is of Paul with a 16 pound cod caught from Whitby’s West Pier in autumn 2007. The capture of this cod is quite a story in itself with Paul taking over half an hour to land the fish after dragging it from the pier end to the band stand in Whitby harbour. To read more please click the following link :West Pier Cod For Paul

With Paul’s Passion for fishing you just know that when you step onboard Sea Otter 2 you are dealing with a true professional who not only knows how to steer a boat, but also knows how to catch fish as well as any boat angler in the country.