Whitby's Number 1 Charter Boat
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  • Sea Otter 2

    Sea Otter 2 is the number one charter boat in the UK's number one charter port.

  • Whitby Cod Fishing

    Fantastic cod fishing on the wrecks and reefs at Whitby

  • Paul Kilpatrick

    One of the country's best charter skippers

The Boat

Sea Otter 2 is a Lockin 33. Lockin are renowned for their stability and safety, in fact the same hull of these boats are often used in manufacturing lifeboats...

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The Skipper

paul kilpatrick

Paul Kilpatrick has been a charter boat skipper at Whitby from 1980 to the present day. Born and bred in Whitby, with 32 years experience of charter fishing...

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The Catches

Paul Kilpatrick Sea Otter 2

Paul KIlpatrick reports all the Sea Otter 2 catches on the Whitby Fishing Forum. For pictures and reports on how its fishing, head on over to the forum now.

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Shad Fishing

Masses of decent sized cod some well into double figures are being caught on light tackle most times the boats put to sea. Light gear shad fishing is now the way forward....

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The Best Cod Fishing In 20 Years

Sea Otter 2 Awesome Cod Fishing At Whitby

Its not every day that you stumble onto a wreck stuffed with double figure cod, but that's exactly what happened to us today. The boat had been fully booked, however 5 lads phoned and cancelled. I expect the weather had put them off. Well what a trip they missed. It was probably the best fishing I had seen in over 20 years. Every cod was a double figure fish and they kept coming all day long.

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What A Year On Sea Otter 2

Sea Otter 2 Pollack Fishing

As always we like to take a look back at the last year whilst looking forward and focusing on whats yet to come. The last 12 months on Sea Otter 2 has seen some truly awesome fishing with double figure cod and pollack in abundance, not to mention a few other species that made an appearance too. As always, the highlight for me is the quality fish we are able to nail on light tackle,

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